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Locker Room Legends visually breaks down the Nike Kobe 9 EM "Philippines".


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05 August, 2013


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"August 4, 2013 -- I remember the days when I used to camp out in front of their Burgos Circle flagship store, sitting on their steps and waiting in the cold morning for a pair of limiteds. All for the love.

I’ve been a fan of Titan - the establishment, the idea, the game-changing agent for as long as they’ve been around. And it’s funny how three years later, I’m now part of them. I’m now part of the change.

From fan, to fam.

I was drafted by Titan with one single mission: to innovate. To improve upon the game that the pioneers before me have so diligently changed.
Now its on me to push the brand, the idea, and the game forward… Three years from now and beyond.

So here’s to the game changers, to the crazy ones, and the people who passionately do it for love of the game.

Happy anniversary, Titan Fam!"

Editor + Architect| Locker Room Legends 

03 August, 2013


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To be a hip-hop fan nowadays is not easy. Although the genre has never been this alive, the quality (or lack thereof) and the frequency that it's being churned out is a bit disinteresting. I am sure at some point you've been jaded by ringtone rap, molly poppin' music, and the classic drugs-guns-women anthems.

If this is the case, then let's escape the land of Top 40 bangers, club staples and gangsta rhymes for a while... Allow us to take you left field.

Brooklyn-bred producer El-P and Atlanta's very own Killer Mike - collectively known as Run The Jewels - decided to come together, make an album and name it after themselves. "Run The Jewels" the album is, just to fairly warn you, is not for everyone. It won't make you bang your head, but it will make you think. The beats are noisy, seemingly unorganized, but it is still a messy work of art.

The album's dopeness is an acquired taste, to say the least.

"Run The Jewels" true hero is its lyrics. The bars spit by both MCs are exciting, thought-provoking and technical. It sounds like a sparring session between two heavy weight champs without actually trying to hurt each other.

"Run The Jewels" is free via Fool's Gold Records' website. Listen to it guilt-free, and get familiar with the duo.

Once again, fair warning: If you're looking for party music that you can dance to, don't even waste your time downloading it. But if you are open to experimental/conceptual hip-hop, then this is as good as it gets.

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02 August, 2013


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Few skateboarders can seamlessly blend the worlds of fashion, art and skate, but the NIke SB Project BA shoe shows that it's second nature for Brian Anderson. His unmistakable style comes across in his new shoe design, the innovative Nike SB Project BA­­­.

Anderson is a time-tested giant in the industry known for his avant garde personality, unmistakable flip tricks and tendency to attack gaps and staircases with reckless abandon. His style demands shoes that provides cushioning and precision control — features he emphasized when designing the Nike SB Project BA. A drop-in Nike Lunarlon cushioning system muffles hard impacts while a low-profile cupsole is in keeping with the traditional skate shoe feel.
“With the Lunarlon cushioning you can jump down stairs all day,” Anderson says.
Lastly, the running-inspired toe gives the Project BA a classic look. Not only does it stand out, it is perfect for nailing flip tricks.
“It’s different when you’re preparing to do a flip trick if you have that curved runner toe," Anderson says. "It’s something that looks very runner, but it’s important that your heel sits low so it still feels like a skate shoe and you can feel your board.”
The Nike SB Project BA also comes in a premium version showing off Anderson's artistic side via his personal interpretation of the Swoosh and a cutout ankle for a less restrictive fit.

The Nike SB Project BA will be available at weLegendary on Aug. 3.

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