01 May, 2014


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April 29, 2014 - Manila's top ballplayers, media personalities, influencers and shoe aficionados gathered together at Titan Basketball's flagship store at TwoParkade BGC for the unveiling of the Nike Kobe 9 EM "Philippines".

The event was graced by a good number of players from Gilas Pilipinas (Philippines' National Basketball team) which made the program extra special, as well as their charismatic coach Chot Reyes.

Titan delivered an In-Store storytelling experience, telling the media and the event guests all about the shoe. Designer Erick Goto's thoughts and design concepts were prominently displayed around the space.

Food was catered with a local touch - serving famous Filipino street snacks and beer. Music was provided by Nix Damn P. The event was undoubtedly a success!

Check out the photos from the launch below.

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