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Locker Room Legends technically and visually breaks down this year's basketball tech phenom.


Titan and Nike celebrates the Nike Kobe 9 EM "Philippines".


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Locker Room Legends visually breaks down the Nike Kobe 9 EM "Philippines".


#ProjectEXT | A TITAN + Locker Room Legends Experiment

26 December, 2013


 photo BANNER_intro_zps0426aaf6.jpg

Twenty-Six personalities. One Shoe.

A fun experiment with Basketball Retail leader TITAN, #ProjectEXT explores the street and style versatility of the Nike Zoom KD 6 EXT "Gum".

Twenty-Six pairs of feet - from a random mix of ballplayers, influencers, bloggers, musicians and media personalities, render their own take on the stylish off-court version of Kevin Durant's signature shoe.

Feel free to join the experiment. Share your photos with the hashtag #ProjectEXT.

Photo credits to Gia Jamias and to Kapo Rivera

13 October, 2013


 photo BANNER_zps7a459515.jpg

Both of the new Air Max styles offer runners a lighter, more flexible and ultra-cushioned ride and are highlighted by a two-color faded airbag. Nike designers leveraged runner’s insights combined with data from the Nike Sports Research Lab to increase flexibility and decrease weight in the outsole. To further improve the design, the team incorporated unique flex grooves that encourage a smoother transition. Shaving even more weight, the designers took a cue from Nike’s heritage by using a redesigned Waffle outsole for better traction.


For the first time, Nike has paired innovative Nike Flyknit technology with the ultra-cushioned ride of Air Max. Nike Flyknit allows designers to precision-engineer areas of support and breathability into a virtually seamless upper, delivering a superior, lightweight fit. The Flyknit Air Max also integrates Flywire technology for additional support throughout the upper.


For those runners who prefer a more traditional fit, the new Air Max 2014 features a lightweight, engineered mesh upper. Designers paired the engineered mesh with a lightweight foam and seamless overlay that conforms to the shape of the foot and provides additional structure and support.

Starting November 18, 2013, runners will be able to customize the Nike Air Max 2014 – and its two-color faded airbag – on NIKEiD. The first of six inline colors of the Nike Air Max 2014 will be available in stores and at beginning December 5. The Nike Flyknit Air Max will be available beginning January 3, 2014.

The Nike Flyknit Air Max and Air Max 2014 are the latest introductions to the legendary Air Max franchise. The original Nike Air Max 1 was the first shoe to feature visible air and revolutionized the athletic footwear industry, reshaping the design landscape for performance running footwear. In the years following, Air Max shoes have become the epitome of running performance and style.

 photo Nike_Flyknit_Air_Max_mens_profile_24221_zpsdec4133b.jpg
 photo Nike_Flyknit_Air_Max_womens_profile_24222_zpsd822f7fa.jpg
 photo Nike_Air_Max_2014_mens_profile_24208_zpsbb658549.jpg
 photo Nike_Air_Max_2014_womens_profile_24218_zpsf59f021c.jpg
 photo Nike_Flyknit_Air_Max_mens_detail1_24206_zps301be789.jpg
 photo Nike_Flyknit_Air_Max_mens_detail3_24213_zps48e1fe2d.jpg
 photo Nike_Flyknit_Air_Max_mens_detail2_24215_zpsa22547b4.jpg
 photo Nike_Flyknit_Air_Max_mens_outsole_24216_zpsc9301643.jpg
 photo Nike_Flyknit_Air_Max_womens_detail1_24205_zpsc5566940.jpg
 photo Nike_Flyknit_Air_Max_womens_detail3_24203_zps5eca4677.jpg
 photo Nike_Flyknit_Air_Max_womens_detail2_24209_zpsd049ec52.jpg
 photo Nike_Flyknit_Air_Max_womens_outsole_24214_zpsfd897a22.jpg
 photo Nike_Air_Max_2014_mens_detail1_24207_zps1184b244.jpg
 photo Nike_Air_Max_2014_mens_detail3_24212_zps5fb10187.jpg
 photo Nike_Air_Max_2014_mens_outsole_24210_zps1702d47c.jpg
 photo Nike_Air_Max_2014_mens_detail2_24219_zpsb05c913a.jpg
 photo Nike_Air_Max_2014_womens_detail1_24204_zps8beadab7.jpg
 photo Nike_Air_Max_2014_womens_detail3_24220_zps5d134ff6.jpg
 photo Nike_Air_Max_2014_womens_detail2_24211_zps3f9b4865.jpg
 photo Nike_Air_Max_2014_womens_outsole_24217_zpsd7d66324.jpg

09 October, 2013


 photo cole-haan-silver-lunargrand-sweeps-apollo-13-1-1_zps791b1430.jpg

Cole Haan's current campaign "Born in 1928" is anchored on 1970's space ace Capt. Jim Lovell. Born in 1928, Lovell was a top naval test pilot before being accepted into the space program. In 1970, he was in command of the Apollo 13 moon mission when an explosion damaged the spacecraft and crippled their oxygen supply. The crew's daring return to Earth riveted the world and was the basis for the blockbuster movie Apollo 13.

To celebrate Lovell's significance not just in space exploration but in pop culture, Cole Haan decided to design a special rendition of their ever popular LunarGrand shoe. Donning an all silver upper, the shoe will also be offered to 13 lucky individuals who will be selected by Cole Haan. They will receive a special 1-of-13 SilverGrand with their name etched on the heel. For more details on this visit Cole Haan's LunarGrand website.

As for us regular earth-dwellers, The SilverGrands will be available in select Cole Haan retailers and online. The Cole Haan Silver LunarGrand Wingtips retails at USD 268.00.

 photo cole-haan-silver-lunargrand-sweeps-apollo-13-2_zps8c88d05f.jpg
 photo cole-haan-silver-lunargrand-sweeps-apollo-13-3_zps0de31dec.jpg
 photo cole-haan-silver-lunargrand-sweeps-apollo-13-4_zps1a112e93.jpg


 photo BANNER_zps3110766a.png

Via LA Times
After a six-figure investment in the lifestyle publication “Mass Appeal,” the rapper has put money into a San Francisco company called Proven, which makes apps to help people apply to online job postings through their smartphones. Nas, who rose to fame with his smash 1994 album “Illmatic,” participated in the company’s $1-million seed funding round that was led by Andreessen Horowitz and closed this summer. “Jobs are a concern for the nation, and Proven is all about that, so I’m all about Proven,” Nas said in an interview. Nas was introduced to Proven through Menlo Park investment firm Andreessen Horowitz, which has invested $15 million in the Web company Rap Genius. The rapper is joining Proven as an advisor and will help promote its services.


 photo BANNER_zps0b8b8950.jpg

Five very different individuals from different countries, with completely different identities share a common denominator: their love for The Trefoil.

Adidas in a genius, highly engaging campaign, scoured the globe for 5 of the most dedicated and loyal Adidas Originals collectors. Almost every corner of the planet is represented: Germany's Sneakerqueen, New York's DJ Operator Emz, The UK's Robert Brooks, Tokyo's Mr. Magara, and Turkey's Ralf Tiittanen.

The lucky five were flown to the Adidas global HQ in Germany to immerse themselves in a "Willy Wonka" kind of experience. They were treated to insider info about history, design, manufacturing, swatch selection, and most exciting of all - archive diving.

Check out the video below on how they did with the project. Also, to know more about the Adidas Originals Collectors Project, visit their tumblr here.

08 October, 2013


 photo BANNER_AWOBJECTSFW2013_zps612a20c9.jpg

Fashion phenom Alexander Wang unveils a rather interesting objects collection for Fall/Winter 2013. The collection consists of everyday useful things such as notebooks, slippers, lighters, key holders, to more unique products like playing cards, drink coasters, boxing gloves, and jump rope.

The design aethestic is pretty simple, but is very well executed. Black Stingray leather is evident in the entire line, with understated embellishments of gold.

The Alexander Wang 2013 Fall/Winter Objects line will be available at his first flagship store in Minami Aoyama district in Tokyo in very limited quantities.

23 September, 2013


 photo BANNER_TITANg5OPENING_zpsbd919a81.jpg
Last Wednesday Titan opened another door - this time at the heart of Makati. The epicenter of everything commercial and business, Ayala Center's Glorietta 5 plays landlord to the basketball retail giant.

The event was graced by celebrities, models, influencers, and ballplayers, not to mention the countless Titan loyalists who waited patiently in line for a chance to purchase a pair of the much coveted Air Jordan 5 Elements.

The event was made even better by drinks, good food, and music - provided by none other than Nix Damn P.

Drop by the new Titan Glorietta right now, located at the 2nd Floor of Glorietta 5.

Photos by Adoborat

05 August, 2013


 photo BANNER-3_LIGHTNING_zpse7ab8843.jpg
"August 4, 2013 -- I remember the days when I used to camp out in front of their Burgos Circle flagship store, sitting on their steps and waiting in the cold morning for a pair of limiteds. All for the love.

I’ve been a fan of Titan - the establishment, the idea, the game-changing agent for as long as they’ve been around. And it’s funny how three years later, I’m now part of them. I’m now part of the change.

From fan, to fam.

I was drafted by Titan with one single mission: to innovate. To improve upon the game that the pioneers before me have so diligently changed.
Now its on me to push the brand, the idea, and the game forward… Three years from now and beyond.

So here’s to the game changers, to the crazy ones, and the people who passionately do it for love of the game.

Happy anniversary, Titan Fam!"

Editor + Architect| Locker Room Legends 

03 August, 2013


 photo BANNER_killermike_2_zps0334919d.jpg

To be a hip-hop fan nowadays is not easy. Although the genre has never been this alive, the quality (or lack thereof) and the frequency that it's being churned out is a bit disinteresting. I am sure at some point you've been jaded by ringtone rap, molly poppin' music, and the classic drugs-guns-women anthems.

If this is the case, then let's escape the land of Top 40 bangers, club staples and gangsta rhymes for a while... Allow us to take you left field.

Brooklyn-bred producer El-P and Atlanta's very own Killer Mike - collectively known as Run The Jewels - decided to come together, make an album and name it after themselves. "Run The Jewels" the album is, just to fairly warn you, is not for everyone. It won't make you bang your head, but it will make you think. The beats are noisy, seemingly unorganized, but it is still a messy work of art.

The album's dopeness is an acquired taste, to say the least.

"Run The Jewels" true hero is its lyrics. The bars spit by both MCs are exciting, thought-provoking and technical. It sounds like a sparring session between two heavy weight champs without actually trying to hurt each other.

"Run The Jewels" is free via Fool's Gold Records' website. Listen to it guilt-free, and get familiar with the duo.

Once again, fair warning: If you're looking for party music that you can dance to, don't even waste your time downloading it. But if you are open to experimental/conceptual hip-hop, then this is as good as it gets.

 photo RUNTHEJEWELS_zpsb70aedba.jpg

02 August, 2013


 photo BANNERHO13_SB_Project_BA_FTW_Profiletif_22005_zpse0360e2c.jpg

Few skateboarders can seamlessly blend the worlds of fashion, art and skate, but the NIke SB Project BA shoe shows that it's second nature for Brian Anderson. His unmistakable style comes across in his new shoe design, the innovative Nike SB Project BA­­­.

Anderson is a time-tested giant in the industry known for his avant garde personality, unmistakable flip tricks and tendency to attack gaps and staircases with reckless abandon. His style demands shoes that provides cushioning and precision control — features he emphasized when designing the Nike SB Project BA. A drop-in Nike Lunarlon cushioning system muffles hard impacts while a low-profile cupsole is in keeping with the traditional skate shoe feel.
“With the Lunarlon cushioning you can jump down stairs all day,” Anderson says.
Lastly, the running-inspired toe gives the Project BA a classic look. Not only does it stand out, it is perfect for nailing flip tricks.
“It’s different when you’re preparing to do a flip trick if you have that curved runner toe," Anderson says. "It’s something that looks very runner, but it’s important that your heel sits low so it still feels like a skate shoe and you can feel your board.”
The Nike SB Project BA also comes in a premium version showing off Anderson's artistic side via his personal interpretation of the Swoosh and a cutout ankle for a less restrictive fit.

The Nike SB Project BA will be available at weLegendary on Aug. 3.

 photo HO13_SB_Project_BA_Action_Primarytif_22004_zps710467ff.jpg
 photo HO13_SB_Project_BA_FTW_Herotif_22009_zps127a5fe7.jpg
 photo HO13_SB_Project_BA_FTW_Profiletif_22005_zps715fd6d4.jpg
 photo HO13_SB_Project_BA_FTW_Toptif_22006_zps140866cb.jpg
 photo HO13_SB_Project_BA_FTW_Outsoletif_22007_zps40423b4a.jpg

30 July, 2013


 photo 02_TITAN-X-LGR-OPENING-INSTAGRAM_zpseb3c4f52.jpg

Titan, the Philippines' best destination for anything basketball, teams up with LGR - the country's finest technical sportswear and athletic uniform manufacturer, to bring you a design experience unlike any other.

The Titan X LGR Design Studio aims to deliver its clients bespoke basketball uniforms, at the same time immerse them in a holistic creative experience: From fabric selection, to cuts, to sublimated patterns... Anything that can help your team stand out on the court, Titan X LGR can help you with it.

Whether you're part of an elite level team, campus varsity or just a regular weekend warrior, Titan X LGR will have something for you.

The Titan X LGR Design Studio is located at The Underground, Ronac Art Center, and will open on August 1, Thursday, 12:00NN.

If you would like to know more about the Titan X LGR Design Studio Experience or would like to book your team an appointment, email them at

27 July, 2013


 photo 6thannivSALE_BANNER_zpsee7a63c7.jpg

WeLegendary - The Philippines' foremost authority in anything skateboarding, has been blazing a trail for the sport. It's trademark no-frills, no holds barred approach to retail and the culture has become an experience that all skaters and sneaker collectors have come to enjoy.

WeLegendary is turning 6 today. Obviously no longer a rookie, but the brands relevance in the scene has never been this fresh and important.

To celebrate their anniversary, the legendary skateshop is having a massive sale! If you've been to their previous 5 celebrations then you know what to expect. If you haven't, there is still time to make up for 6 years of sleeping. Head on over to WeLegendary Ronac today, July 27 and tomorrow, July 28.

26 July, 2013


 photo SLAM171_banner_zpsed53ff1a.jpg

History is about to be rewritten, and quite literally. Slam's presence in the basketball crazed country of The Philippines has always been strong... But it has never been this powerful.

The energy behind Slam Philippines Issue no. 171 is driven by two history-defining covers. The first: Fresh off the epic #WITNESSHISTORY Manila Tour, LeBron James is once again front and center in this month's issue. Highlighting the NBA season that was and The Miami Heat's championship run.

The second cover - one that is closer to the Filipino hoop junky's heart, is the Gilas-Pilipinas variant. The very first Filipino-driven cover, Issue 171 also puts the spotlight on the formidable Philippine National Team.

Grab both covers at all major newstands, bookstores, and at Basketball retail store Titan.

 photo SLAM171_image_zps2b49c63d.jpg

22 July, 2013


 photo BANNER_zpsa1d2c3bf.jpg

Fathead, the novel sports collectible brand, is finally here in Manila. And just in time for the LeBron James' #WITNESSHISTORY tour, a couple dozen of LeBron Bigheads just arrived in the office.

These Bigheads are available right now at Titan TwoParkade. Only 24 pieces are on hand, perfect for tomorrow's fiasco!

The Fathead LeBron James Bighead retails for Php 1,245.00 and is out now at Titan TwoParkade. Kobe Bryant Bigheads also available.


 photo BANNER-Mens-Nike-Free-Hyperfeel_21627_zpsd8a30ce3.jpg
The Nike Free Hyperfeel is created to intuitively move with the foot. It is inspired by Nike’s "Nature Amplified" design ethos — an approach focused on the body in motion and fueled by scientific data and athlete insights.

Research insights informed the precise placement of cushioning and outsole traction for a low-profile shoe that provides padding and protection only where necessary. A drop-in Lunarlon insole with flex grooves allows the foot to have direct contact with the Lunarlon cushioning. The waffle outsole is ultra-thin, allowing the foot to get closer to the ground.  
Scientists in the Nike Sport Research Lab carefully studied which areas of the foot come into contact with the ground and absorb pressure, and which areas require traction. They used pressure-mapping technology and high-speed film to analyze the foot in motion.
The result is Nike Free Hyperfeel, a shoe that mimics the intricate workings of the human foot: Lunarlon foam replicates cushioned pads under the foot. The outsole protects like hardened skin on the sole. Dynamic Flywire flexes and contracts, inspired by ligaments.
"Nike Free Hyperfeel has fewer total shoe parts and places the foot directly on top of responsive Lunarlon foam,” says Tony Bignell, VP of Nike Footwear Innovation. “The shoe acts as extension of the foot and delivers a natural motion sensation for the runner.” 

Harking back to Nike co-founder and Oregon Track & Field coach Bill Bowerman, the Nike Free Hyperfeel is structured on a waffle outsole that is reengineered with strategically placed pistons, reflecting key pressure points. Highly durable XDR rubber is added in high-wear heel areas. 
Articulated Lunarlon foam mirrors the flexible, knife-cut cushioning used in Nike Free footwear, but here it is the only intermediary layer between foot and outsole — minimal layers for maximum sensation. (An optional sockliner is included for a personalized fit.)
Nike Flyknit in the upper provides a compression fit and support where needed without unnecessary structure or weight. Nike Flywire cables lend additional support to help lock the foot down. The upper’s seamless construction significantly reduces the number of shoe components: A typical Air Pegasus running shoe is made up of 57 components. The Nike Free Hyperfeel has just seven. By knitting a one-piece upper, Nike Flyknit construction reduces Nike's typical upper waste by an average of 90 percent.
The Nike Free Hyperfeel ($175) will be at retail in the U.S., U.K. and Japan beginning Sept. 5. It can be pre-ordered at

 photo Mens-Nike-Free-Hyperfeel_21627_zpseb2dc092.jpg
 photo Mens-Nike-Free-Hyperfeel_21627_zpseb2dc092.jpg
 photo Nike_Free_Hyperfeel_Mens_2_21609_zpsecac3ead.jpg
 photo Nike_Free_Hyperfeel_Mens_1_21610_zps67873c09.jpg
 photo Nike_Free_Hyperfeel_Mens_4_21604_zps2d8c289f.jpg
 photo Nike_Free_Hyperfeel_Mens_3_21606_zpsaa8de0a4.jpg
 photo Nike_Free_Hyperfeel_Womens_1_21607_zps29a842ee.jpg
 photo Nike_Free_Hyperfeel_Womens_21608_zps79f47098.jpg