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Locker Room Legends technically and visually breaks down this year's basketball tech phenom.


Titan and Nike celebrates the Nike Kobe 9 EM "Philippines".


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Locker Room Legends visually breaks down the Nike Kobe 9 EM "Philippines".


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30 July, 2013


 photo 02_TITAN-X-LGR-OPENING-INSTAGRAM_zpseb3c4f52.jpg

Titan, the Philippines' best destination for anything basketball, teams up with LGR - the country's finest technical sportswear and athletic uniform manufacturer, to bring you a design experience unlike any other.

The Titan X LGR Design Studio aims to deliver its clients bespoke basketball uniforms, at the same time immerse them in a holistic creative experience: From fabric selection, to cuts, to sublimated patterns... Anything that can help your team stand out on the court, Titan X LGR can help you with it.

Whether you're part of an elite level team, campus varsity or just a regular weekend warrior, Titan X LGR will have something for you.

The Titan X LGR Design Studio is located at The Underground, Ronac Art Center, and will open on August 1, Thursday, 12:00NN.

If you would like to know more about the Titan X LGR Design Studio Experience or would like to book your team an appointment, email them at

27 July, 2013


 photo 6thannivSALE_BANNER_zpsee7a63c7.jpg

WeLegendary - The Philippines' foremost authority in anything skateboarding, has been blazing a trail for the sport. It's trademark no-frills, no holds barred approach to retail and the culture has become an experience that all skaters and sneaker collectors have come to enjoy.

WeLegendary is turning 6 today. Obviously no longer a rookie, but the brands relevance in the scene has never been this fresh and important.

To celebrate their anniversary, the legendary skateshop is having a massive sale! If you've been to their previous 5 celebrations then you know what to expect. If you haven't, there is still time to make up for 6 years of sleeping. Head on over to WeLegendary Ronac today, July 27 and tomorrow, July 28.

26 July, 2013


 photo SLAM171_banner_zpsed53ff1a.jpg

History is about to be rewritten, and quite literally. Slam's presence in the basketball crazed country of The Philippines has always been strong... But it has never been this powerful.

The energy behind Slam Philippines Issue no. 171 is driven by two history-defining covers. The first: Fresh off the epic #WITNESSHISTORY Manila Tour, LeBron James is once again front and center in this month's issue. Highlighting the NBA season that was and The Miami Heat's championship run.

The second cover - one that is closer to the Filipino hoop junky's heart, is the Gilas-Pilipinas variant. The very first Filipino-driven cover, Issue 171 also puts the spotlight on the formidable Philippine National Team.

Grab both covers at all major newstands, bookstores, and at Basketball retail store Titan.

 photo SLAM171_image_zps2b49c63d.jpg

22 July, 2013


 photo BANNER_zpsa1d2c3bf.jpg

Fathead, the novel sports collectible brand, is finally here in Manila. And just in time for the LeBron James' #WITNESSHISTORY tour, a couple dozen of LeBron Bigheads just arrived in the office.

These Bigheads are available right now at Titan TwoParkade. Only 24 pieces are on hand, perfect for tomorrow's fiasco!

The Fathead LeBron James Bighead retails for Php 1,245.00 and is out now at Titan TwoParkade. Kobe Bryant Bigheads also available.


 photo BANNER-Mens-Nike-Free-Hyperfeel_21627_zpsd8a30ce3.jpg
The Nike Free Hyperfeel is created to intuitively move with the foot. It is inspired by Nike’s "Nature Amplified" design ethos — an approach focused on the body in motion and fueled by scientific data and athlete insights.

Research insights informed the precise placement of cushioning and outsole traction for a low-profile shoe that provides padding and protection only where necessary. A drop-in Lunarlon insole with flex grooves allows the foot to have direct contact with the Lunarlon cushioning. The waffle outsole is ultra-thin, allowing the foot to get closer to the ground.  
Scientists in the Nike Sport Research Lab carefully studied which areas of the foot come into contact with the ground and absorb pressure, and which areas require traction. They used pressure-mapping technology and high-speed film to analyze the foot in motion.
The result is Nike Free Hyperfeel, a shoe that mimics the intricate workings of the human foot: Lunarlon foam replicates cushioned pads under the foot. The outsole protects like hardened skin on the sole. Dynamic Flywire flexes and contracts, inspired by ligaments.
"Nike Free Hyperfeel has fewer total shoe parts and places the foot directly on top of responsive Lunarlon foam,” says Tony Bignell, VP of Nike Footwear Innovation. “The shoe acts as extension of the foot and delivers a natural motion sensation for the runner.” 

Harking back to Nike co-founder and Oregon Track & Field coach Bill Bowerman, the Nike Free Hyperfeel is structured on a waffle outsole that is reengineered with strategically placed pistons, reflecting key pressure points. Highly durable XDR rubber is added in high-wear heel areas. 
Articulated Lunarlon foam mirrors the flexible, knife-cut cushioning used in Nike Free footwear, but here it is the only intermediary layer between foot and outsole — minimal layers for maximum sensation. (An optional sockliner is included for a personalized fit.)
Nike Flyknit in the upper provides a compression fit and support where needed without unnecessary structure or weight. Nike Flywire cables lend additional support to help lock the foot down. The upper’s seamless construction significantly reduces the number of shoe components: A typical Air Pegasus running shoe is made up of 57 components. The Nike Free Hyperfeel has just seven. By knitting a one-piece upper, Nike Flyknit construction reduces Nike's typical upper waste by an average of 90 percent.
The Nike Free Hyperfeel ($175) will be at retail in the U.S., U.K. and Japan beginning Sept. 5. It can be pre-ordered at

 photo Mens-Nike-Free-Hyperfeel_21627_zpseb2dc092.jpg
 photo Mens-Nike-Free-Hyperfeel_21627_zpseb2dc092.jpg
 photo Nike_Free_Hyperfeel_Mens_2_21609_zpsecac3ead.jpg
 photo Nike_Free_Hyperfeel_Mens_1_21610_zps67873c09.jpg
 photo Nike_Free_Hyperfeel_Mens_4_21604_zps2d8c289f.jpg
 photo Nike_Free_Hyperfeel_Mens_3_21606_zpsaa8de0a4.jpg
 photo Nike_Free_Hyperfeel_Womens_1_21607_zps29a842ee.jpg
 photo Nike_Free_Hyperfeel_Womens_21608_zps79f47098.jpg


 photo BANNER-Nike_Free_Flyknit_Mens_3_original_zps7886b322.jpg

Runners can now reap the benefits of natural motion found in Nike Free and the supportive, second-skin fit of Nike Flyknit in a single shoe. The Nike Free Flyknit unites two of Nike’s most innovative and popular technologies to deliver barefoot-like flexibility and a compression fit that locks the foot in place.

The Nike Free Flyknit is designed to flex with the foot in motion. It is informed by Nike’s "Nature Amplified" design ethos — an approach fueled by scientific data and athlete insights. 
“Nike Free Flyknit is the ultimate expression of natural performance principles, combining a supportive, sock-like upper and a flexible midsole and outsole that move with the body,” says Sean McDowell, Creative Director for Nike Running. “The compression fit brings the foot closer to the sole for enhanced lockdown and propulsion.”
A new, more compressive NIke Flyknit construction in the shoe upper secures the runner’s foot to the shoe platform. The unique zoned performance mapping pattern of the Nike Flyknit upper is derived from insights on how pressure is exerted on the top of the foot. Nike Sport Research Lab scientists employed pressure-mapping technology to locate stress areas, and designers used the data to inform the new upper. Zones on the top of the foot have engineered stretch built to enable natural flex, while a tighter weave at the perimeter stabilizes the forefoot and heel. Additionally, elasticized construction fits securely around the ankle for a comfortable, secure fit. By knitting a one-piece upper, Nike Flyknit construction reduces Nike's typical upper waste by an average of 88 percent. 

The advanced Nike Flyknit upper sits atop a Nike Free+ 5.0 midsole, which lies in the middle of the Nike Free spectrum, providing mid-range cushioning. (On a scale or 1-10, 1 is akin to running barefoot and 10 is comparable to a traditional running shoe.) The articulated Nike Free sole is flexible and moves naturally with the foot. Diagonal hot-knifed sipes (strategically-engineered flex grooves) through the arch help ensure natural movement in the mid-foot as a runner transitions stride.

The Nike Free Flyknit comes on the heels of decades of biomechanics research and design exploration with the intent of providing the best run possible. The breakthrough combination of a compressive Nike Flyknit upper with a highly flexible Nike Free midsole and outsole adds up to a running shoe that delivers a more natural ride, amplifying athletes’ ability to move quickly and comfortably over distance.

The Nike Free Flyknit ($160) will be available globablly beginning Aug. 1, 2013. 

 photo Nike_Free_Flyknit_Mens_1_original_zps4354991d.jpg
 photo Nike_Free_Flyknit_Mens_2_original_zpse6715e2e.jpg
 photo Nike_Free_Flyknit_Mens_3_original_zps0b74b156.jpg
 photo Nike_Free_Flyknit_Mens_5_original_zps020b2498.jpg
 photo Nike_Free_Flyknit_Mens_4_original_zps28a7a421.jpg
 photo Nike_Free_Flyknit_Womens_1_original_zps25f19b97.jpg
 photo Nike_Free_Flyknit_Womens_2_original_zps46655d38.jpg
 photo Nike_Free_Flyknit_Womens_3_original_zps5b59556c.jpg
 photo Nike_Free_Flyknit_Womens_5_original_zpsb843ecf0.jpg
 photo Nike_Free_Flyknit_Womens_4_original_zpse787ce80.jpg
 photo Final_FB_and_TW_launch_post_original_zpsba634be0.jpg


 photo BANNER-Nike-Free-Flyknit-_display_original_zps70b5cd93.jpg

NIKE, Inc., the world’s leading running brand, today unveiled four new innovations at an event at the company’s global headquarters in Beaverton, Ore. The new products are designed to enhance runners’ natural abilities and were guided by Nike’s "Nature Amplified" design ethos, an approach that is focused on designing for the body in motion and fueled by scientific data and athlete insights. Two new running shoes were introduced  — the Nike Free Flyknit and Nike Free Hyperfeel — along with two new apparel technologies, Aeroloft and Dri-FIT Knit.
“Innovation is not about creating for its own sake, it's about creating something better, designing with a purpose. Running is the heart and soul of Nike and it’s the birthplace of a constant stream of new innovations that will drive the company forward,” said Mark Parker, President & CEO of NIKE, Inc.

The Nike Free Flyknit is the fusion of two of Nike’s most iconic footwear technologies — the compressive Nike Flyknit upper and the flexible Nike Free outsole. The Nike Free Flyknit upper features zoned performance mapping and a second-skin fit. The shoe provides the benefits of natural motion and a snug, supportive fit in a single shoe.

Designed to feel like an extension of the body by minimizing layers between the foot and the ground, the Nike Free Hyperfeel delivers a natural motion sensation for the runner. A drop-in insole made from Lunarlon foam allows the foot to have direct contact with Lunarlon cushioning. The ultra-thin waffle outsole uses strategically placed waffle pistons for grip and feel, allowing the foot to get closer to the ground.

Nike Aeroloft technology also debuted in the ultra-light Nike Aeroloft 800 Vest, designed to keep runners warm and comfortable in cooler conditions. Insulating down has been combined with precision ventilation that allows heat to escape the body so athletes stay dry.

Dri-FIT Knit is an ultra-soft, lightweight fabric engineered to help athletes maintain optimal performance temperature in a variety of conditions. The technology employs visibly different knit patterns to aid breathability, while seamless construction ensures a smooth fit free of distraction.
“Nature Amplified means designing for bodies in motion and creating incredible new products that work intuitively with the human body,” said Trevor Edwards, NIKE Brand President. “The footwear and apparel we’ve unveiled today is based on insights from athletes and runners at every level, combined with extensive research in our Sport Research Lab. These innovations are data-driven, but body-led."
 photo Nike_Free_Hyperfeel_Mens_1_original_zps365d9a1e.jpg
 photo Nike_Free_Flyknit_Mens_3_original_zps5f7349c8.jpg
 photo Nike_Dri-FIT_Knit_1_original_zpsf7e1ff0c.jpg
 photo Nike_Aeroloft_Vest_1_original_zps85852dfb.jpg
 photo Nike-Nature-Amplified_Mark-Parker-Trevor-Edwards_original_zpsa746106f.jpg
 photo Mark-Parker-on-stage-Nature-Amplified_original_zps25814c30.jpg
 photo Trevor-Edwards-on-stage-Nature-Amplified_original_zps95e4dd3b.jpg
 photo Aries-Merritt-and-Trevor-Edwards_original_zps2cb627d6.jpg
 photo Aries-Merritt-in-NSRL_original_zpsc2896fa2.jpg
 photo Nike-Free-Hyperfeel-on-display_original_zps5d007147.jpg
 photo Nike-Aeroloft-800-Vest-and-Dri-FIT_original_zps5ecfce14.jpg
 photo Nike-Free-Flyknit-_display_original_zps496f4d67.jpg

20 July, 2013


 photo BANNERbmc301_zpsb24342c0.jpg

WIP CAPS has once again collaborated with FlipTop Battle League to create a new BATTLE MC cap this year. This fitted cap comes in desert digital camo to represent how battle MCs have long since been going out to fight their own battles in a warzone of words and wits.

The BATTLE MC III features the iconic “Battle MC” crossed microphones logo on the front. The two crossed microphones symbolizes two things: ‘Rap battle’ and ‘No microphones’. The no microphones format is what FlipTop adopted from Grind Time Now, a world renowned rap battle league which allows MCs to be stripped down to their bare hands during battle. The design on the back, ‘STFU’ is an acronym for the frequently blurted phrase by Fliptop’s President, Anygma. This was especially true for the earlier events, when the crowd wasn’t yet familiar with the rules and kept making noise during the battles.

The FLIPTOP X WIP CAPS: THE BATTLE MC III ‘DESERT DIGI-CAMO’ will make its debut at Fliptop's Tournament Round 2 at B-Side Makati. It will be available at Wipcaps stockists soon after.

 photo bmc302_zps82d59770.jpg
 photo bmc306_zps99ca4e97.jpg
 photo bmc308_zpsf114289f.jpg
 photo bmc301_zpse2f3338d.jpg

19 July, 2013


 photo BANNER_zpsb4bf4b19.jpg

The 2-time NBA champion, 4-time NBA MVP LeBron James' first Manila visit is just around the corner. And to celebrate this much-awaited moment, Nike commissioned The Philippines' top creatives, designers, and industry players to customize a pair of King James' latest and greatest shoe.

The heavy line-up include retail and design agency Team Manila, graphic artist AJ Dimarucot, creatives Jan Calleja and Gilbert Ibanez, musician and DJ Diego Castillo, the team of Levon Rondina and Ting Medrano - the creative forces behind basketball retail giant TITAN, rockstar and artist Rico Blanco, designer extraordinaire Isabel Gatuslao, illustrator Dan Matutina, and pop artist JP Cuison.

Their works will be featured until July 23rd at Nike Philippines flagship door at Bonifacio High Street.

 photo IMG_2825_zps79dd7959.jpg
 photo IMG_2827_zpsf144dae0.jpg
 photo IMG_2824_zps403c9ac6.jpg
 photo IMG_2826_zps07dc83ad.jpg
 photo IMG_2802_zpsc69c33c0.jpg
 photo IMG_2822_zps50afaf7a.jpg
 photo IMG_2823_zps4fccf469.jpg
 photo IMG_2820_zps16d1a50c.jpg
 photo IMG_2821_zpsf21616ce.jpg