09 October, 2013


 photo cole-haan-silver-lunargrand-sweeps-apollo-13-1-1_zps791b1430.jpg

Cole Haan's current campaign "Born in 1928" is anchored on 1970's space ace Capt. Jim Lovell. Born in 1928, Lovell was a top naval test pilot before being accepted into the space program. In 1970, he was in command of the Apollo 13 moon mission when an explosion damaged the spacecraft and crippled their oxygen supply. The crew's daring return to Earth riveted the world and was the basis for the blockbuster movie Apollo 13.

To celebrate Lovell's significance not just in space exploration but in pop culture, Cole Haan decided to design a special rendition of their ever popular LunarGrand shoe. Donning an all silver upper, the shoe will also be offered to 13 lucky individuals who will be selected by Cole Haan. They will receive a special 1-of-13 SilverGrand with their name etched on the heel. For more details on this visit Cole Haan's LunarGrand website.

As for us regular earth-dwellers, The SilverGrands will be available in select Cole Haan retailers and online. The Cole Haan Silver LunarGrand Wingtips retails at USD 268.00.

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